Air Locks and Pour Spouts:

Some of the inputs that you make from Korean Natural farming will require air locks for your buckets.  Below is the procedure to easily make your own. It is also beneficial to attach pour spouts to your buckets to easily dispense the inputs for use.


Supplies Needed:

-Buckets with lid

-Plastic beverage bottle with lid

-Plastic tubing

-Drill with “step drill” attachment

(or any tool that will make a hole the size of your tubing)

Step Drill Attachment:



-Drill one hole in your bucket lid and one hole on the top of your beverage container.  The hole should be a very tight fit for the plastic tubing to fit through.


-Puncture a small hole at the top of the beverage bottle:


-Fill beverage bottle with water to just under the punctured hole level.  Make sure the tubing goes into the water.  The tubing coming through the  bucket lid into the bucket however should not be immersed in any liquid.

-Secure lid on bucket tightly.  Air will now travel from the bucket  through the plastic tubing into the water of the beverage container.



Pour spouts can be purchased online for $5.49 each at Midwest Home brewing and Winemaking Supplies:

I recommend the drum tap spigot as it did well without leaking.

You will also need a hole saw or a spade bit of the size of the pour spout to attach it to your bucket:



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