Korean Natural Farming- “WCA” & “WCP”

“WCA”: Water Soluble Calcium

“WCP”: Water Soluble Calcium Phosphorus

Korean Natural farming teaches us to make our own water soluble calcium and water soluble calcium phosphorus from simple ingredients that are easily found from your kitchen.

Calcium and phosphorus are important for our plant growth, health, pest and disease control.

In Korean Natural Farming it is beneficial to add these inputs during certain times of the plants development.  Calcium is important during the beginning stages of the plant to assist its strong growth.  Phosphorus is important during the “change over” period between vegetative cycle and flowering cycle.

Fungal disease and blossom end rot are also signs of calcium deficiencies.

Lack of Calcium also causes PH imbalances towards the acidic side.

The water soluble application also allows an easily absorbed source of nutrients to the plants immediately.  This system can show to be superior to a powder form of calcium which requires a long process of breaking down into the soil until it is available for the plant to utilize.

Supplies Needed:

-Egg shells

-Vinegar (alive: homemade, apple cider vinegar, brown rice vinegar, etc.- No White or distilled)

-Large glass containers

-Cheese cloth and string

-Toasting mechanism: BBQ, Oven, Torch, Camp fire, Etc.


-Collect Egg Shells and rinse clean


-Prepare the way you are planning to “toast” your eggshells.  This can be done on a BBQ, over a camp fire, or in the oven. We have access to a flame propane torch:


-Toast the eggshells:


-For Calcium only you want the eggshells to be toasted brown without the charred black.  For Phosphorus you will want eggshells that are charred black:


-These toasted eggshells will now be added to your vinegar.  You need “alive” vinegar not white vinegar or distilled.  You can make your own alive vinegar or buy apple cider vinegar with the mother culture.  This is our homemade vinegar, one jar for calcium only eggshells and one jar for calcium/phosphorus eggshells:


-Add eggshells to vinegar: ratio is 1:10 (eggshells : vinegar) Add the eggshells slowly as the reaction is a fizzing and can get very active if added to fast all at once:


-Below is both WSC: Water Soluble Calcium (lighter) and WCP: Water Soluble Calcium Phosphorus (darker):


-Cover jars with cheese cloth and string and let sit in a dry dark space for at least 20 days.  After 20 days you can add a small amount more of toasted eggshells to see if additional fizzing occurs.  If so, the vinegar is able to still extract more calcium.  If not, the vinegar is at its capacity for absorption.

-When finished, strain and store in glass jar with lid.  Dispose of eggshells in compost pile.


WSC and WCP can be used at a diluted ratio of 1:500 – 1:1000 to non-chlorinated water.  This input can be put into a sprayer and used before sunrise as a foliar and garden bed spray.  This input can be added with other inputs during spraying however should be stored separately.

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    1. Thank you Ramonita! So appreciative of your comment. Where are you from? I am a big believer that this information needs to be free and spread. And by the way….. I’m female 🙂 You can check out the “About” tab on the top of the page. Much Aloha! Moti

  1. Thank you, I also follow the Korean methods as explained by a Natural Farming researcher here in Thailand, but your instructions seem more complete. The calcium vinegar looks much more active in your photos than what we produced, can you tell me a bit more about making live vinegar, is that something I could use a kombucha culture for?

    1. Hi Marco! I am now in Thailand also. In Isan. Great question about the vinegar. Doing a blog post on vinegar would be helpful. Perhaps I can do that out here at my new community. Basically you would do the bucket with the airlock- I like to put left over pineapple scraps when I made it. Add a few cups sugar to that and enough non chlorinated water to cover it all. I then used a ceramic plate to hold the pineapple down under the liquid. Let that sit in the bucket with the airlock for average 8 weeks and after that I should have converted to vinegar.
      Alternatively- YES leaving your kombucha to ferment to a vinegar stage (letting it sit for a longer time to eat all the sugar) would also be a great solution to use for WSC. Hope this helps!

  2. Moti, thank you very much for that, I will try the kombucha method as soon as I have enough eggshells. Best wishes for your time in Thailand, if you are passing thru Chiang Mai pay us a visit. Marco

  3. Hello and thank you for the awesome info here! I’ve just started leaning about ferments and was looking to make water soluble ca and P, so thank you very much! Would I be able to use LAB or AEM instead of vinegar?

    Thanks again


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