The Soil Reveals

Holistic and Interconnected design utilizing Permaculture and Regenerative systems.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system that aims to achieve a holistic model reflecting nature. Utilizing permaculture ethics, principles, and concepts can shift us from relating separately from nature to a paradigm of cooperating as nature. Designing systems that mimic nature creates interconnected and regenerative outcomes. We can re-position ourselves into our ecosystems as beneficial facilitators instead of unsustainable consumers.

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Korean Natural Farming

KNF Benefits

Collaborate with micro-organisms for vibrant, nutrient-dense crops.

Shake off your dependence on outside resources. Grow abundant food gardens without buying expensive organic or synthetic fertilizers.


Korean Natural Farming – “IMO 1”

IMO 1:  Indigenous Micro Organisms In Korean Natural Farming it is taught to collect indigenous microorganisms from our local environment and culture them for use …

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Korean Natural Farming – “IMO 2”

IMO-2: IMO 1 is the collection of the Indigenous Micro Organisms from your environment on the cooked rice (rice and microbes).  IMO 2 is the …

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Air Locks and Pour Spouts

Air Locks and Pour Spouts: Some of the inputs that you make from Korean Natural farming will require air locks for your buckets.  Below is …

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